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Elektroschaltgeräte Meerane GmbH


The company Elektroschaltgeräte Meerane limited is a middle class enterprise. The firm presents products for electrical engineering. The site of lodgment of the plant is found near the centre of the town of Meerane/saxons.

Our business has a over 50-sesquicentennial experience under development and in construction of low voltage devicees of the drive technology.

Since new establishments of the old-established plant in the year 1990 are produced exclusively starter and Poly Pole Industry Connectors. Thereby come procedure of the common mechanical engineer to application. Into production areas are anted outweighing skilled worker. At the current time will the capacity-use of the building units about 70%, so that an extension of the manufactoring would be possible.

The manufacturing programme concentrates in:

The starter will manufactured, special outlaid on the respective deployment corresponding to the motor data, in job production or job lot production . The mounting of the connectors is made in continuous process production.

Belt conveyor within open-pit mining

The operational areas of our starter are very multifarious and extended to over- and deep mining-undertakings (lignite, pit coal, potash salt, ores u.a.), cement plant, purification plants, rolling mills, pumped-storage hydro station amongst others.

It is done a world-wide direct and mediate distribution, in part over established companies such as

Incidental supply of the entire european market's have been also carried out larger deliveries into near east and to asia. For which further extension of our manufactoring we are interested in takeover of cooperative deals. For the subsequent performances we have for disposal good apprenticed skilled persons.

Efficient ones manufactoring, market products and customers oriented quality care are basics of our work.

Our firm has the quality certificate in accordance with DIN EN International Organization for Standardization 9001 and the environmental permits in accordance with DIN EN International Organization for Standardization 14001.

For more information, such as requests for offers contact us please.