Industry Connectors



The connectors for industrial purposes are anted to the no load connect and disconnect of current path. Through the good self-cleaning of the contact system will be transferred operating- and rate- current right now good. The plug connections are useable for example for slide-in module and with Protection caps as adapter-connector.


Technical data:

Rated Voltage 400V~/440V- 400V~/440V-
Rated Current 6,3A 16A
Load Factor a=0,8
Mechanical Duration of Life 4000 count of connection
Degree of Protection IP00
IP20 in accordance with DIN 40050 with protection cap and within connected state
Insulation Class C  
Connection cross sectional area to 1,5 mm² 1,0 - 2,5mm²
Type of connection Soldered termination Screw termination
Pole count 20 + 2 10 + 1
More dynamically limiting current (kA) 1,75 3,5
Thermal limiting current (kA) 0,14 0,35



The compleat connector consists of socket, plug and protection cap. The insulator body of socket and plug such as the protection caps consists of moulding material. As contact materials are anted cupric alloys. A additional surface protection will achieved through silvering. Extra wishes are arranging with the manufacturers.

The contacts of protective conductors are lead against the contacts of the phases. The generally at socket and plug applicabled line mountings insure strain relief of the conducting paths.

To exclude unintended disconnect of the current path, the connector are mutual screws with captive screws (cap the socket with plug and cap of the connector with socket).

Connectors 20pole

Socket A20/Plug A20

Designation Socket Plug
Purchase order data Socket A20 Plug A20
9 622 000 9 624 000

Special models, e.g. for climatic conditions, on request

Connectors 10pole

Socket A10/Plug A10

Designation Socket Plug
Purchase order data Socket A10 Plug A10
9 614 000 9 618 000

Protection caps:

Protection caps of the design A and C could take up 1 plug or 1 socket. The design B is provided on the taking up of 2 contact plugs or 2 sockets. For good sharpness are the side of the protection caps corrugated or furnished with handgrip.

Protection caps of the design C have 2 sideways locking clamp. This prevent the a inadvertent disconnect of the current paths. This design enables a ease connect up of the cables or the electric conductors and the lock of the cable by using traction relief device.

Design A

Protection caps  A Purchase order data:
Protection caps A or 9 630 001

Design B

Protection caps  B Purchase order data:
Protection caps B or 9 630 003

Design C

Protection caps  C Purchase order data:
Protection caps C or 9 683 000
with 2 locking clamp (9 680 130)


The ampacity by connectors will be limited through the thermal loading capacity the material of the contact including socket adapters and the insulating part. The de-rating-curve is valid so for current, which continuing, not intermittent, are allowed flow through each contact of the connector at the same time, without the upper one valid limit temperature will be exceeded.

Mensuration- and methods of test in accordance with DIN 41640, part 3.